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Act NOW creates world-class examples of energy-efficient solutions, generating awareness among commercial decision-makers, through a unique position:

  • A business-driven voice in the world of energy and climate initiatives
  • Directing companies towards ways to act – NOW
  • Finding simple solutions to complex global challenges
  • Empowering decision-makers to create their own cost-beneficial solutions
  • Creating win-win solutions that expand markets, while fighting climate change


Our Ambassadors

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Denmark

Before taking up her current position at the head of the WWF Verdensnaturfonden, Gitte served as a member of both the Danish and the European Parliament.

Leader of the Sustainability Science Center

Katherine Richardson is a professor in biological oceanography at the University of Copenhagen and leader of the Sustainability Science Centre.

Climate Polar Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Sebastian H. Mernild has achieved a Ph.D. degree in 2006 in climate change, glaciology, and hydrology from University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

CEO at B Accountability,
United Nations Special Advisor to Global Compact in Canada

“Thousands of people and companies around the world have brilliant existing solutions for how we can Act NOW. But they need a voice. Act NOW is such a voice.”

President of Green Strategies Inc.

“The deployment of clean technology solutions and integrated sustainability practices provide significant competitive advantage to business leaders in the 21 century marketplace.”


    Radical savings and customer satisfaction

    Introduction: Hotels are very resource-intensive, particularly in terms of energy and water use. [...]

    2,59 kWh saved to raise 1 meter of water

    80% saving


    CleanCharge Delivers Public Infrastructure in Denmark

    The Internationally renowned Danish Island of Samsø, has just launched its public infrastructure [...]

    100% self-sufficient with power

    Samsø Municipality and The Danish Postal Services use electric cars on Samsø



    Troldtekt produces acoustic panels of natural and simple materials, namely certified wood and [...]

    92% of production Cradle to Cradle certified


    Nexø Havn / Nexø Harbour

    Nexø Harbour has invested in a new system that brings the harbour huge [...]

    42% on street lighting


    Act NOW at Kronborg 2013

    It was during the environmental organization Act Now’s ambitiously organised climate conference at [...]


    Apotek Hjärtat focuses on new Green IT

    Apotek Hjärtat selected TDC’s Energy Management as a service. TDC is through the [...]

    900 mWh per year

    60% reduction

    CO2 footprint reduction with 45 kilo tons


    Material Passports

    ‘Vugge til Vugge Denmark’ or Cradle to Cradle Denmark is the only full [...]

    Higher recycle price for vessels

    Higher resource availability in the long term

    Reduced lifecycle environmental impact


    Palle’s Bakery

    Palle Thomsen has always focused on buying energy-conserving products when something had to [...]

    1520 kWh per year

    50.000 kr. in overspending


    New Cooperation

    Reducing unnecessary energy use is high on the agenda in most organisations. Many [...]


    Clean Charge

    Background: CleanCharge is an infrastructure service provider, selling, installing and servicing charging technology [...]

    Electric cars will reduce CO2 emissions significantly

    Up to 40% less CO2

    Green Solutions House4

    Green Solution House – new to the built environment

    Introduction Green Solution House: a knowledge-and conferencecenter for climate technology and sustainability based [...]

    Snekkersten School dep. Egevænget

    Snekkersten School

    The school Snekkersten from 1966 is located in the municipality of Elsinore. Since [...]

    More than 61.000 kWh
    saved per year

    30% lowered
    energy consumption on heating

    37,4 tons CO2
    saved per year

    Danske Fragtmænd

    Danske Fragtmænd A/S saves electricity with 7 months payback

    Background Danske Fragtmænd A/S is a logistics provider with over 40 000 corporate [...]

    7 months
    payback time

    50% reduction
    in energy used

    Crowne Plaza Copenhagen

    Copenhagen Towers

    Copenhagen Towers. Grundfos pumps are the perfect fit, with renewable technologies. Sustainability is crucial [...]

    51 kWh/m2
    minimised energy consumption 

    6,5 years
    payback time

    Green City - Green Growth

    Green City – Green Growth

    The world famous city of Elsinore is situated by the blue sea, but [...]

    Montra Hotel

    Increased energy awareness gave Montra Hotels new opportunities

    Closer cooperation The cooperation between the 6 hotels in Montra Hotels and Scanenergi started [...]


    World leader in food ingredients increases environmental friendliness

    Background information Danisco A/S is a world leader in food ingredients, enzymes and [...]

    2,7 years
    payback time

    6,000 tonnes CO2
    Saved per year


    Bisca reduces costs in production of biscuits and cakes

    Background information Bisca A/S is market leader in the production of biscuits and [...]

    2 years
    payback time

    23 % annual
    utility costs saved

    1,270 tonnes
    saved per year


    Energy efficiency in the manufacturing of Danfoss Compressors

    Background information Danfoss Compressors is one of the global leading manufacturers of compressors with [...]

    3,500 tonnes
    CO2 saved per year

    1,75 years
    payback time

    21 % annual
    utility costs saved


    Unicer project put focus on people, systems and technology

    Background and challenges Unicer produces and distributes many types of drinks, including Superbock [...]

    3,000 tonnes
    CO2 saved per year

    3 years
    payback time

    20 % annual
    utility costs saved


    Vitens – From gut feeling to proven savings

    From its water collection stations in Fledite, Bremerberg and Harderbroek in the Netherlands, [...]

    23,652 kWh
    saved per year

    10 months
    payback time

    41 % lowered
    energy consumption


    Brewing Effective Energy Reduction

    Case Story in brief The collaboration between the Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma brewery in Monterrey [...]

    12 % annual
    utility savings

    2 years
    payback time

    4,140 tonnes CO2
    saved per year


    City Center in Las Vegas places a sure bet on energy savings

    In Las Vegas you will find one of the world’s largest sustainable real [...]

    43,500 tonnes
    CO2 saved per year

    Gold certification
    Energy and Environment

    RSCH aerial

    Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals

    In order to assist Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Trust to reduce its [...]

    533,000 kWh
    saved per year

    228 tonnes
    CO2 saved per year


    The KAB-case – the urban home of tomorrow

    The concept Affordable housing+ was created by a danish non-profit Housing Association – [...]


    Finding new energy savings underground

    About Vitens Vitens is the largest drinking water supplier in The Netherlands, extracting [...]


    DGC saves more than 70% of their energy bill for IT

    Background DGC is a net-operator who develops, market and sell leading solutions for [...]

    6 months
    payback time

    72% reduction
    in energy used

    Sweden’s Green
    IT Award 2012

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    Welcome to the Act NOW blog

    Welcome to the Act NOW blog – a source of regular updates and special features on the climate change cause. Here you’ll find interviews with dedicated CSR professionals, developments within leading companies, comments and news from decision-makers, politicians and others, united in the effort for creating sustainable solutions today.

    For all the immediate challenges that we gather to address this week:  terrorism, instability, inequality, disease there’s one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent and growing threat [...]

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    Today, nearly 70% of the EU population lives in urban areas, and the figure is likely to increase over the next few decades. Cities are main centers for all economic, social and cultural activities in Europe and create around 80% [...]

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    At the Intersolar exhibition in Munich June 4. and 5. 2014, the solar cell company Solar Elements from Vejle was given a special award. Based on parks built over the past 15 years and in a field with a total [...]

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    In the beginning of May 2014 the worlds largest solar panel facility for district heating has opened in the little town Dronninglund in northern Jutland, Denmark. The knowledge and experience gained in this project can be used worldwide. Already a [...]

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    The EU will lead the fight against global warming, but the big CO2 emitters must follow suit, the Commissioner for Climate Action says European Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard feels elated after reading the latest report from the UN [...]

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