It's time to act NOW

Most people acknowledge the urgent need for more responsible behavior. Climate changes happen at an alarming pace. And while the global population is growing rapidly, recourses are becoming scarcer than ever.

Worldwide politicians have set ambitions high, and are promoting responsible initiatives to reduce our current levels of energy consumption. As a result companies all over the world are investing in the research and development of more environmentally sustainable solutions.

People have got the message, and they are willing to contribute.

Much of the focuses are given to long-term solutions, but we have lost sight of the fact that existing technology can make an instant impact.

Starting today we have to take advantage of the many ways we can make immediate energy savings. That’s how we can act NOW

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An action-oriented partnership platform for businesses, NGOs and public institutions

The Focus.. to boost awareness about the actions that can be adopted today to bring down energy consumption tomorrow

How do we work

We work to bring down energy consumption for the benefit of the environment and the economy, export and green growth


Together we can stand stronger in the efford to create awareness of world-class energy-efficient solutions

Front runners

Uniting solutions providers, front-runners and decision-markers to move from WHY to HOW


Instigating, building and developing meaningful partnerships around energy-efficient solutions

”Thousands of people and companies around the world have brilliant existing solutions for how we can Act NOW. But they need a voice. Act NOW is such a voice.”

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